May. 15th, 2010

ferrumaeternum: (hail to the hammer)
I know this is really late, but I just cannot avoid writing about seeing two of my favorite bands of all time. ;) I had most of this written weeks ago, but it took me forever to finish it, since I’ve been in a mad rush to get all my projects done before the end of the semester!

First of all, I cannot begin to express how furious I am with the Department of Homeland Security for not letting Survivors Zero come over here to the U.S. and play on this tour. I don’t understand why they wouldn’t give them a visa. Since they had to be dropped off the tour at the last minute, it completely screwed up the timing, and naturally they were replaced with musically unrelated, crappy opening bands. I skipped an important lecture in my design class, rushed down to the venue thinking I had missed the doors by half an hour only to find out that they weren’t even letting people in for another half hour and Swallow the Sun wasn’t going to be on until 8:00. It would’ve been nice if The Rave would have updated the time on their website. :/ The only people waiting outside were the clique from Norse Mythology (who still immaturely ignored me) and this guy with his mom who I’d previously met through the guy I know from high school. Luckily I was able to talk with him a bit while we were waiting. After they let us in and I bought a Finntroll shirt, Beth and Sam showed up with their friend Nolon who I’d met at their BBQ. I’ve come to the conclusion that those people from my Norse Mythology class will never want to hang out with me because I don’t wear the metal uniform of a band t-shirt, black pants, and boots every day, and that’s fine by me because I’m through with having close-minded friends.

I would also like to mention that I decided to wear earplugs to this show after not being able to hear after the Overkill show for more than two days. I’ve already got a slight permanent ringing in my ears, and I don’t want it to get any worse. For all future small venue/bar shows, I’m definitely wearing them. You can actually hear the band a lot better with them in, since it gets rid of the echoing of The Rave’s poor acoustics and the distortion from the high decibel levels. Even though I was up front by the speakers, I was able to hear just fine after the show.

Across the Sun )

Urn )

Swallow the Sun )

Moonsorrow )

Finntroll )

Unfortunately, there aren’t any pictures from this show. I honestly don’t know how The Rave can have a no-camera policy when there isn’t even someone from their staff there taking pictures of the show. :/



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