ferrumaeternum: (cuchulain rides his chariot into battle)

Don't follow the shadows

They ain't for real, like the guiding stars

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Birthdate:Sep 2
Location:Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States of America
ferrum aeternum: latin for 'sword everlasting'; derived from an ensiferum song title
; the public, uncensored journal of the artist formerly known as screen_kiss

22 years old. virgo. intj. college senior. visual art major concentrating in painting and drawing. 
universalist asatruar. environmentalist. tattooed. pierced. deutschsprecherin. guitarist. flutist. musically 
eclectic. tolkien nerd. metalhead. pescetarian. democrat. pro-choice. shopaholic. escapist.

Interests (150):

agalloch, alestorm, alphonse mucha, amon amarth, andy warhol, arkona, art, art noveau, asatru, astrology, astronomy, baroque music, battlelore, bauhaus, betsey johnson, blackguard, blind guardian, blondie, body modification, buddhist philosophy, cain's offering, cats, celtic music, celtic mythology, children of bodom, chuck palahniuk, classical music, cocteau twins, concerts, cruachan, david bowie, depeche mode, doro, drawing, electronica, eluveitie, ensiferum, environmentalism, enya, epica, equilibrium, falkenbach, fangirling, fashion, feminism, finntroll, flight of the conchords, folk metal, franz ferdinand, genealogy, german, germanic languages, graphic design, greek mythology, guitar, hammerfall, heathenry, heidevolk, horrorpops, hypocrisy, iggy pop, industrial, irish gaelic, iron maiden, j.r.r. tolkien, joan jett, johnny cash, joy division, keep of kalessin, korpiklaani, liberalism, literature, long-haired men, lord of the rings, mad tv, megadeth, melodic death metal, metal, metalocalypse, moonsorrow, morrissey, music, mutiny within, månegarm, nature, neil gaiman, nekromantix, new order, new wave, new york dolls, nick cave, nightwish, norse mythology, norther, oscar wilde, paganism, photography, piercings, pirates of the caribbean, politics, pop art, post-punk, power metal, project runway, psychobilly, punk rock, queen, reverend horton heat, rivendell, rockabilly, rosemaling, runes, sailor jerry, salvador dali, satire, shopping, siouxsie and the banshees, stam1na, stratovarius, swedish, symphonic metal, t. rex, tattoos, tengwar, teräsbetoni, the clash, the cramps, the doors, the mighty boosh, the office, the pogues, the sisters of mercy, the smiths, the stone roses, the velvet underground, thrash metal, tom waits, turisas, tyr, ukiyo-e, vegetarianism, vintage clothing, vinyl, vivienne westwood, warbringer, warmen, web design, wintersun, yeah yeah yeahs, yoga
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