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I almost don’t know how to compose an entry that doesn’t have anything to do with art I’ve made, my tattoo progress, or a concert I’ve just been to. D: This needs to change, and it will, starting now.

So, this has been popping up on various LOTR-related sites over the past week and is just too cute not to share.

There are sheep living in abandoned hobbit holes! Well, probably not right now as the set is under construction, but come on, how adorable is that!?

It’s a good thing I didn’t sign up for any yoga classes because I’ve been so busy working on Dybbuk’s MySpace layout that I really wouldn’t have had time for them. Their first show is already this Friday at Vnuk’s Lounge, so I’ve been hurrying to make sure it will be ready before then. MySpace’s coding is incredibly frustrating to work with, and I recently learned that the layout I designed will be obsolete in the near (or hopefully not so near) future. Most band profiles use the Version 1 layout, and I’ve read that it’s just a matter of time before MySpace forces everyone to switch over to Version 2, where nothing is aligned or centered in a way that makes sense or is visually appealing for the artist pages. Just look at Amon Amarth’s new layout on Version 2. What an ugly mess! The main problem now is that there are very little HTML or CSS resources out now for this version, but I’m hoping once it does switch over, tutorials for the coding will follow shortly after or else there’s going to be some really messed-up looking band layouts for a while. Unfortunately, with MySpace you can’t just use a nice, organized CSS stylesheet like you can with LiveJournal customizations. I’ve just got it all sorted out so that it works in Safari and Firefox, but I still need to check it using Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Opera. It looks great on my MacBook Pro and my sister’s Asus laptop, but I’m also going to check it on the ancient PC my parents use just to make sure. I also have to finish the illustration for the header image today, and then it’ll be finished.

I just want Dybbuk to have the layout before the show in case they want me to make any changes. I think their MySpace page will get a spike in visitors after they see them perform live and hopefully want to know more about the band. Here’s the link to their MySpace if you want to check out a couple samples of their music. (I’ll also repost a link once they have the new layout up so you guys can check that out as well if you’re interested.) They’ve been in the studio recording their first EP this summer, which will be out in fall. I know it’s my friends’ band and all, but there aren’t many good bands from Milwaukee, so I have a lot of faith in them to improve the scene. Dybbuk started out playing progressive technical death metal, but found this power metal singer from up north, which I think makes for an interesting combination. Since I’m taking photos for the band at the show, I get to be let in as part of the band and get free drinks all night! It should definitely be a good time, even if all the other bands sound like a bunch of chaotic death metal noise. I’m a little disappointed I’ll be missing the Young Dubliners at Irish Fest that night, since I’ll have to go tomorrow instead and they’re not playing then. The Red Hot Chilli Pipers will be there, though, so I’m sure it will still be fun. I’m also finally old enough to try some of their mead, so I’m crossing my fingers they still have it there! ;) I refuse to go over the weekend because $15 for a ticket and another $15 for parking is ridiculous. At least admission is free on Thursday with a donation of school supplies!

While I’m on the topic of metal, you’ve got to check out this animated video for Ensiferum’s "One More Magic Potion" if you haven’t seen it already. This is one of my favorite songs of all time, and I just love all the imagery from the Norse myths and the Kalevala.

'One More Magic Potion' Animated Tribute from Celine Lester on Vimeo.

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TL;DR Version:
  • Got there early, made an ass of myself by running up to the stage during Blackguard’s sound check, got yelled at by security. Watched Markus from Ensiferum rock out next to me, couldn’t remember his name at the time, as I was completely starstruck.
  • Blackguard was amazing. Met Paul (vocalist) at the merch booth and the rest of the band eventually showed up. Apologized for my previous idiocy. Hung out with him for a while between bands’ performances. He found me in the crowd to say goodbye when he left to go weightlifting.
  • Lots of waiting for shitty metalcore bands to get their sets over with and trying to chase away lame guys who were hitting on me. Finally found Stacie from my Norse mythology class with her boyfriend and another friend.
  • Ensiferum slaughtered. Everything was perfect. Was up front the entire time and was pleasantly surprised by the lack of a pushpit.
  • Found Stacie and the guys outside while stalking Ensiferum. Hung out with roadies, Darkest Hour, and Blackguard behind the buses. Waited for Ensiferum guys to stop going back and forth so we could get pictures with them. Finally succeeded, but Petri unfortunately went and put a shirt on. At least he put on a good show through the bus window. ;) Hung out with him and Markus for a while. Made an ass out of myself with my fangirling and lamenting over his departure from Norther. Random guy who thought he was a rapper showed up and made some hilarious rhymes about Markus and I talked him into doing one for Petri. Hopefully redeemed myself for previous retardation. Stacie and the guys left, and the drummer from Decrepit Birth came out, hit on me and tried to talk me into coming on their bus. He got mad when I refused, so I left because he was starting to scare me. As I was leaving, Paul from Blackguard stopped me to say goodbye and gave me a hug and a kiss.
Read on for the whole story and to find out the truth behind Petri leaving Norther… )

Blackguard )

Set List )

Hanging with Paul from Blackguard and waiting for Ensiferum )

Ensiferum )

Set List )

Finally getting to meet Ensiferum after the show )

Me with Petri fuckin’ Lindroos! I’m wearing heels here, which makes me about six feet tall, and Pete still makes me look short. And since when did he get that awful tattoo of a flaming acoustic guitar on his bicep and when the hell did he get engaged!? My fangirl is totally slain now. :'(

Markus Toivonen and I. What the hell were we looking at!?

More pictures that Stacie took during the show and after, including the random guy rapping about how Petri is a baller (shot caller, twenty-inch blades on the Impala) )



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