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I’m really behind with updates. Yeah, so what else is new? :p I don’t have quite as much homework as I did last week, so hopefully I can do a little bit of catching up this week. I spent over 20 hours outside of class last week in the ceramics studio because my teacher decided not to give us an extension on our first project after he said he would. Anyway…

Elizabeth and I went out for our birthdays with Sam a few weeks ago. This was definitely the best birthday I’ve had in a long time! Sam’s birthday was on Monday, but I probably won’t be seeing him until Dybbuk’s next show on October 8th because their daughter just started kindergarten. He paid for all our dinners at the Stone Sword, coffee and desserts at Alterra, and more coffee and two hookahs with mango and strawberry shisha at Sphinx Coffee. He wouldn’t let me pay for anything because it was for my birthday, so I got him a Banksy print off Ebay as a belated birthday present. Banksy is his favorite artist, and I hope he likes the piece I chose. This is also the first thing I’ve ever bought off Ebay and the first time using my PayPal account, and luckily everything went smoothly. The print was sent from Canada on Wednesday, and hopefully I’ll have it by next weekend so I can frame it and get it wrapped.

For my birthday, Elizabeth got me a really nice card that Sam also signed, three pairs of earrings from World Market, and a beautiful black wrought iron jewelry tree. She also bought me the same bracelet I showed up wearing, and she was wearing one herself! What are the chances of that!? I ended up giving one to my sister, so now we all have matching bracelets. XD I bought her a sterling silver dragon pendant at Irish Fest that was handmade in Ireland. She collects dragon stuff, so I figured she would like it. I would have bought her some more stuff, but I had no idea she was even going to get me anything! At least both of us spent about the same amount of money, since the piece of jewelry I got for her was high quality.

It seems like I posted these photos ages ago on Facebook, but not everyone is on there and I want them to be included in my journal, so here they are!

These definitely aren’t the best photos of me because I was pretty stressed out that weekend, so there’s some major face shine going on and my hair got messed up from the wind and rain. Also, sorry about all the cleavage! I didn’t realize my top was that low-cut and I’ll be wearing a cami underneath it from now on. I know I look more like a saucy renaissance wench here than a medieval lady! XD

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For some reason, school started on a Thursday (on my birthday, of course) and all of my professors gave us a week’s worth of homework to make up for it. Thursday is most UWM students’ last day of class, so everyone was rushing to get everything done by Tuesday over Labor Day Weekend, including myself. :/ This was not easy to do on the weekend after my birthday. I also had a ton of work to do last week, and I just have two things to do today before I’m finally caught up. Today is the first day where I’ve felt like I had enough time to sit down and breathe, so I’m going to try to catch up on updating my journal, too. I also decided that this semester I won’t be updating anything on Twitter or COLOURlovers to give myself more time for homework.

* On that note, with LiveJournal’s new features, please don’t link anything from my journal to Facebook or Twitter! I don't know why anyone would want to, but you never know. I know most of my journal is public, but I still don’t want certain people I know to have an easy time finding it. ;)

This semester marks the beginning of my senior year, and I can’t believe how quickly the time’s flown by! I’m taking First Semester Swedish, Advanced Art History: Early Medieval Art & Architecture in the West, Figure Painting, Intro to Ceramics, and Visual Journals. Swedish is pretty easy so far because so much of it is similar to German. My art history class is once again online and mainly focuses on medieval Scandinavia, Germany, France, and the British Isles. I was told that it’s been several years since a medieval art history class that doesn’t focus on Rome has been taught at UWM, so I definitely feel lucky to be a student here at this time. I was a little worried about Figure Painting and Ceramics, but everything is going well so far. Loosening up my drawing has definitely helped relax my painting style. This is the second painting class I’ve ever took, but working from live models and having limited time to paint the poses helps inspire me and forces me to rely on instinct when I’m painting. Visual Journals is also online, and I’m basically creating an art journal/diary with a theme and using it to solve weekly problems that the professor posts. The theme I chose was body modification. I originally wanted to create a grimoire, but I think death is a bit too broad of a topic to make a journal on for only a few months. If I enjoy the process of making this visual journal, maybe I’ll do another one with that theme in the future. I actually have to create a page today for it, since it was due Monday. I hadn’t received any feedback from my group or the teacher before then, so I didn’t know if I should have just went ahead and started on it. (Apparently, I should have.) I also spent that day doing two paintings that my painting teacher decided the next day wouldn’t even be looked at until Thursday. Just my luck, eh?

At least luck was on my side earlier this week when I found out I won the contest at The Rave. I am on the guest list to see Katatonia, Swallow the Sun, and Orphaned Land for free tomorrow! \m/
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On Friday I finished the last of my exams and moved out of the dorms and back home with my mom, sister, and cat. I’m still anxiously waiting for my grades to be posted, but I’m optimistic that I passed everything. The class I’m most nervous about is offered during the summer, so if I don’t pass, I can just retake it next year. I’m actually taking my first summer class in a little over a week so I won’t have to take a full load of classes my last two semesters. I’m trying to do everything I can so that I will graduate after three more semesters. I can’t wait to be done with school! It’s bad enough that I’ll have to go an extra semester, and I’ll be taking a class next summer as well to ensure I’ll be graduating in 2011. This summer I’m taking a 200-level intro class in Jewelry and Metalsmithing, so it shouldn’t be too difficult. I hope I can actually wear some of the stuff I make because I love jewelry. It’s four days a week from 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM, so at least I’ll have the afternoon free as long as I keep up with my classwork. I’ll also be driving two hours round trip, so I’m slowly adjusting my sleep schedule this week so I can get used to going to bed around 11:00 PM instead of 4:00 AM. I hope I can make this work because I am not a morning person! The class is only for three and a half weeks, though, so either way I’ll survive.

I still have to photograph my series, and I probably won’t get around to posting it until Tuesday, since tomorrow I’ll be going to see Hypocrisy, Scar Symmetry, Hate, Blackguard, and Swashbuckle in ungodly 90-degree heat. In the meantime, here’s what I worked on all semester in Issues in Contemporary Art:

The theme for the semester was alternative art practices, and building off the idea that creating art by yourself and in isolation is becoming a thing of the past, the class was able to choose groups of artists they wanted to work with to address a variety of social and public issues. Obviously, since I care about the environment so much, I decided to help form the ecology collective. There were also collectives about street art, rural art, d.i.y. crafters and printmakers, pop culture, art education, the segregation of Milwaukee, housing and development issues, and a collective that documented the entire class and made a book that will be published soon.

Working with a group is always an interesting experience. Sometimes things turn out great, like they did with my collaborative drawing earlier this semester. I have a lot of mixed feelings about this one. There were five others in my collective, ranging from sculpture to graphic design to painting and drawing to art education majors. Three of them went to high school together and were more passionate about hanging out together during class than the ecology in our city. After kicking around tons of irrelevant topics, I convinced everyone that we should focus on water, as it is the source of all life and Lake Michigan affects a huge number of people living in the Midwest. From there, I helped everyone narrow the topic down to the bottled water industry, since it threatens Milwaukee’s brewing industry and is less safe and more expensive than the treated water that comes directly from the lake.

Not wanting to be too pushy, I let the rest of the collective choose which other ecology-related collective from anywhere in the world to interview. They chose a grocery store in the ghetto, to put it bluntly. While they do occasionally display art in the store, they aren’t an artist’s collective and we ended up being downgraded for that. I also wrote most of the interview questions, and everyone bitched when I couldn’t make it for the time they chose to do the actual interview. Then after emailing me absolutely no information about the interview the next week, they shoved the microphone in front of me at our presentation in an auditorium of about 100 people. My presentation got the point across, though it was very shaky, and the rest of the group didn’t talk to me until the following week. Thanks a lot, guys. :/

I decided that I had to take charge again for our final project to prevent another disaster. All the collectives, including ours, did some kind of non-permission (read: illegal), public art display for their final project. We decided to individually design fliers and tags that would be placed on or near where bottled water is sold and photographed for documentation purposes. This allowed us to work on our own terms and completely avoid any further scheduling problems. I made a WordPress blog for our collective and emailed everyone in the collective, asking them to send me their designs and pictures so I could post them. Although most waited until the night before the presentation to send them to me, I received them from four out of the five members. Two of them said they collaborated, but it reads more as laziness and apathy. I also came up with the totally lame name for the collective at the last minute, since no one else took the initiative. Overall, our final project was a success, though I would not choose to work with these people again. Finally, here is my design:

For the record, I did not choose that awful orange and blue violet color scheme; one of the art education majors in my collective did. :/

+ 4 of the flier in action )

Please check out the rest of the collective members’ contributions to our final public art project and collective interview here: http://milwaukeecologycollective.wordpress.com/
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Sorry this is such a boring entry, but college is a huge part of my life right now, so bear with me. I’m still going to post about what’s been going on since my last personal update, but all my grades are finally in! :D

Art 291: Intro to Print & Narrative Forms: A
Art 342: Intro to Figure Drawing: A-
Art Hist 101: Ancient & Medieval Art & Architecture: A
Bio Sci 104: Plants in Today’s World: B
Celtic 103: First Semester Gaelic: B (Seriously, WTF? More on that later…)

This Semester’s GPA: 3.53 | Cumulative GPA: 3.46

Not bad, but I’d like to eventually bring my overall GPA up to at least 3.5. The best part is I never have to take a science class again! I haven’t been this excited since I was done with math (hopefully) forever. XD I’m definitely going to miss my art history professor I’ve had for the past two semesters, though. He talked just like Ace Ventura, which made even the dullest works of art sound exciting and was so loud that he didn’t use a mic. Most of all, I will miss his Captain Planet, Spinal Tap, and Storylords references, his self depreciating humor and his weird childhood stories. “Yeah, all my friends in grade school had Nitro from American Gladiator posters in their bedrooms, and I had Albrecht Duerer’s Young Hare…” Well, if that doesn’t do it for you, he also referred to Cimabue’s Christ child from Madonna and Child Enthroned as an “awesome Hobbit-Jesus-man-baby”. ...no? Then you'll be glad to know I'm not above admitting that I have a retarded sense of humor.

Anyway, now that first semester is over, here’s what I’m taking next semester so you can get an idea of what kind of art I’ll be posting (and what classes I’ll be bitching about on Twitter):

Art 441: Advanced Drawing Strategies I M & W 12:30 PM – 3:15 PM
Art 221: Intro to Design T & TR 4:00 PM – 6:30 PM
Art 309: Issues in Contemporary Art Lecture W 4:00 PM – 6:30 PM
Art 299: Printmaking Workshop: Sequence & Structure 9:00 AM – 2:30 PM
Art Hist 315: Art & Archaeology of Ancient Egypt Online

I’ve never taken an online course, so this will definitely be interesting. I’ve also never had a class before 11:00 AM, so that will also be interesting (and by interesting, I mean brutal). I figure it’s only one day a week and it’s something I want to do, so hopefully I can handle getting up at such an ungodly hour. I also have no idea what we’ll be drawing in that 441 class, but I pray it’s not just still lifes.

Some of you may be surprised to see I’m not taking another Irish class. I think I mentioned before that it was set up in a way that focused on conversationally learning the language and rarely discussing spelling or grammar. I wish I would’ve dropped the class and picked up Swedish instead because I knew at the time it was going to be an issue. We also weren’t graded on anything during the entire semester except our final presentation, which was a memorized mini-biographical speech about ourselves. I missed one word of my poem, but I thought the rest of my presentation was much better than the rest of the class’s and somehow I got a B. I’m also one of a few students in the class that actually bothered to pronounce everything correctly. The instructor was a nice guy, but we did have two small arguments where he thought I wasn’t learning the material when he is just obviously blind. We had to go around and talk about our hair, I said mine was brown and short and he asked if I was paying attention to what we just learned because to him, it’s black and long. :/ There may have been a couple grammatical errors in my presentation as well, but since the grammar is even crazier than German and he never bothered teaching it, how were we supposed to know how to use it? Just for that reason, I decided I’m not going to continue learning the language this way. Half of the curriculum is just listening to a CD and reading along in a book, which I can easily do on my own time. He also made a huge deal of Catholic vs. Protestant stuff, which annoyed the hell out of me. My classmates weren’t a lot of help because most of them were the “my grandma’s third cousin’s sister’s nephew twice removed was Irish so I have this huge triskele tattoo on my back because I’m so Irish ” types who really don’t have any cultural connection. I hate to be so harsh, but how do you claim pride in your heritage when you don’t even know basic folk songs, stories, history, etc.? It was painful watching one of them struggle through the lyrics of “Óró Sé Do Bheatha 'Bhaile” during his presentation. Besides, to anyone over there, you’re still just a Yank, even if your ancestors are from there and you still have family there. Needless to say, I really don’t want to spend a month over the summer with these people in the middle of nowhere in the Gaeltacht, so I guess that’s that.

Sorry for the rant, but these people are an embarrassment to all Americans with Celtic heritage and continually drive me nuts! Anyway, I plan on starting Swedish next fall, where I can learn how to speak and write it, and we will have normal graded homework assignments throughout the semester. Hopefully it won’t be too difficult, since I took 6 years of German and already know how to pronounce most of it from listening to Swedish music. I’m definitely looking forward to learning another Germanic language, and I hope I can stick with this one long enough to take a second semester of it.
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I’ve put off updating this journal for so long I don’t even know where to start.

Now that summer has come to an end, here’s the abridged version of what I was up to this past season:

Besides the festivals, concerts, and mini-vacation, all I did this summer was work. I only saw my best friend once before school started. What was supposed to be a part-time job turned out to be full time, but at least I made well over two thousand dollars and am still working one day on the weekends. Many times I’ve wanted to post a huge rant about all the reverse racism I experience at work, but it won’t change the fact that every issue in Milwaukee is always about social class or race because the city is ridiculously segregated in terms of living space. Although I technically work in Brookfield, which is known for its uppity white residents, the store is on the border of Milwaukee and just down the road from the north side. Until another employee transferred from another store a few weeks ago, I was the only white person there out of all the cashiers and customer service associates. Needless to say, I was not welcome. After a few months, most of them have accepted me, but the customers sure as hell don’t. For some reason, all the blacks living in the ghetto of Milwaukee think all the white people around here are racist. I still have yet to meet one, so I’m not sure where they’re getting this mentality, but I am so sick of it. If I ever get around to typing up the dialogue, I’ve got a top 10 worst customers of the summer list that could be entertaining depending on your sense of humor. And trust me, it was very difficult narrowing it down to just ten. I honestly don’t mind working customer service in retail. It’s just the customers and coworkers that are insufferable.

The good news is I have enough money to continue financing my tattoo and study abroad in Ireland this summer (if I still want to when the time comes). Gaelic isn’t too difficult so far and the grammar has been a lot nicer than German. It’s actually the easiest out of all my classes. I would’ve loved to study abroad in Germany, but all the programs are for business, engineering and mathematics majors.

I’m also back in the dorms again this year, since my sister needs my car for the hour-long commute to community college. The only bus I can take goes through the ghetto. In fact, the very place I’d pick it up is the parking lot outside my work where people get robbed on a daily basis. I’ve ridden it before, and you guessed it, I was the only white person on it. At least my suitemates this year are rather quiet and keep to themselves. The girls next door to me have been dating each other for three years, and there have already been some nasty arguments between the two, but at least they make an effort to be friendly when they see me. We never see the girls in the other room because one is usually off with her douchebag boyfriend and the other is from a very rural area and seems frightened of us. But if that’s the worst of it, I can deal.

This semester I’m going to make an effort to post more of my artwork on here, since I’m taking figure drawing and printmaking. Unfortunately, my professors still have all the work I planned on posting here on display, so that’s going to have to be pushed back a week or so. I’m just relieved I’m still one of the top students in my class after not having had the time to draw anything in over a year. I really don’t feel like I accomplished much at all this summer except catching up on movies I’d been meaning to see and rereading Tolkien’s trilogy. (I actually only got through the first two, but I’m starting RotK tonight as today marks Frodo & Bilbo Baggins’ birthdays and the day they both left the Shire.) Speaking of birthdays, I also turned 21 earlier this month and ended up embarrassingly tipsy at Houlihan's over an orange juice glass-sized amount of Bailey's.
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I. On Friday I became the owner of my first car – a 2008 gray Chevy Malibu! It doesn’t really feel like it, though, since my grandpa paid $9,000 for it and my mom put down $3,000. (My grandpa had promised each of his grandchildren their own car when they needed it, otherwise, I obviously wouldn’t have been spending my extra money on things like tattoo work, music, and clothes.) He got a great deal on it, since it was originally set at $18,000. Even though my name is on the title, I still have to share it with my sister, but I’ll mainly be driving it and I can now start collecting credit.

II. After applying to over a dozen places in the last month, I finally got a job. Marshalls called me for an interview only twenty minutes after I dropped the application off for the following day. I was glad to hear that the manager they talked to at T.J. Maxx put in a good word for me because I was instantly hired. I won’t be starting until June 1, so I’ll still have some time to relax. I will be working part time (yay!) doing customer service and returns, which I did a little last summer, and is a step up from a regular cashier. Marhshalls is also a TJX Company, so I’m looking very forward to the employee discount, and I’m hoping most of the polices are the same so I can just kind of pick up where I left off.

III. In the early hours of Monday morning, I finally finished the semester. I had moved out of the dorms on Wednesday and am now back with my mom and sister, trying to fit two rooms' worth of stuff into one. I really need to stop all my worrying because my grades are always much higher than I give myself credit for, but I have a feeling that will never change. I got an A in Norse Mythology, an A- in Renaissance to Modern Art History and Wisconsin Native American Studies, and a B in Anthropology. I also found out my Native American class covers two of my general education requirements, so that’s one less class I’ll have to take, despite only taking 12 credits this semester. This means I will only have two classes left if I keep taking 15 credits a semester and study abroad next summer. I don’t know if I should take 18 credits for two semesters, take classes over winter break or the following summer (if they even offer the ones I need then), or just go an extra semester.

Even though I freaked out about once again having one of the last days to sign up for next semester’s classes, I got everything I needed this time around. I’m taking:

ART 291: Intro to Print and Narrative Forms
ART 342: Intro to Figure Drawing
ARTHIST 101: Ancient and Medieval Art & Architecture
BIO SCI 104: Plants in Today’s World
CELTIC 103: First Semester Gaelic

I’m definitely looking forward to learning Gaelic, since my professor is the one who does the study abroad trip in summer. My grandmother also knows him from when she went to Ireland on the same trip with the university after my grandfather had passed away.
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First of all, The Rave’s Twitter held a contest where the first person to guess which “three-piece band with a unique sound” is coming to Milwaukee but hasn’t been announced yet would win two tickets to the show. Even though I responded half an hour after it was asked, I was the first to guess the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and who would have thought I’d win!? In the meantime, everyone was guessing Blink 182, Green Day, and Chevelle (who already have been booked at that venue, duh). Come on you guys, how are any of those bands remotely “unique”? I’ve never won any significant prizes, so I’m very pleased. It was just a random guess, since I figured the Yeah Yeah Yeahs might be touring in support of their new album (which is very cool, by the way). It’s really nice to receive this after being out the money for the DragonForce show I never went to because the opening bands this time around sucked just as much as the headliner. Secondly…

ENSIFERUM IS COMING TO MILWAUKEE IN JULY! WITH BLACKGUARD! IT’LL BE LIKE A MINI-PAGANFEST WITH A BUNCH OF DEATH METAL BANDS THROWN IN FOR GOOD MEASURE. I hope they’re still wearing the kilts! Petri better watch out 'cause I’ll be lurking by the buses, ready to unleash my fangirl upon him. The best part about this is that a certain person will be out of the country so I won’t have to worry about running into him and I can bask in the glory of Summer Slaughter 2009. Call me overexcited, but this kind of stuff doesn’t happen in Milwaukee everyday.

I’m also actually motivated to get work for my classes done thoroughly and ahead of time because there are less than two weeks until finals and I am determined to get nothing lower than a B. I also feel a bit better about Children of Bodom only being a two and a half hour’s drive south of here on Friday and me not being there, since Robbie is going and he’s promised that if he sees Janne, he will speak to him on my behalf.

Franz Ferdinand tomorrow! Just to warn you, I'm sure there will be even more fangirling after this.
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But this is too good to ignore!

Last night on the news, one of the top stories was how drug dealers living in the campus neighborhood were publicly shamed last night for causing the increase in crime a few months ago. When I saw the video, I couldn’t believe that two of guys were not only from my graduating class in high school, but people I’ve known really well for a long time. I’ve known Stephan (blonde hair, black jacket) since kindergarten and got to know Kevin (brown hoodie, green shirt) in high school when we found out we liked the same alternative music and are shared a lot of the same views. Obviously, this has changed. I had a crush on him for a while, but turned him down when he asked me out last year after I found out he was dropping acid. I can deal with some relatively tame drug use, but that’s a little too much for me. He just went further downhill from there and turned into this pseudo-hippie, but I didn’t think it would get to the point where he’d be in legal trouble. I also knew Stephan smoked a lot of weed (even though he used to be straight edge), but I had no idea they turned their place just south of campus into a drug house, selling high-grade pot, cocaine, and heroin. The worst part is I heard from Kevin’s ex-girlfriend how he was bragging about being on the news and isn’t the least bit sorry. I hope they at least get expelled from UWM. It sucks that I can’t feel safe walking even a block off campus after dark when I receive e-mails nearly every week about students getting raped and robbed, and the drug dealers just lure in more violence from the north side.

My hometown consists of only 20-some thousand people, so you can only imagine what kind of a scandal this is causing. Even though I complain a lot and am still stuck in Wisconsin, it’s good to know I’m at least doing better than all those in my graduating class who in only the past two years managed to drop out of college, not work, have unplanned children, work third shift at McDonald’s and Wal-Mart, and apparently deal drugs. Mind you, this is a middle to upper middle-class area in a county with the highest property taxes in the state, so there isn't the poor white trash excuse to fall back on.
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Three weeks until I get my life back and start making art again. I’m never going to complain about projects I have to do for my studio classes, since all these non-art ones have been wasting all my free time with having to read and write papers.

In the meantime, Peaches will still be taking over LiveJournal, accidentally clicking on links, and starting up songs in iTunes when she rolls over. She also enjoys watching the nom nom nom video while plotting how to kill each of those little critters.

Much complaining and making things into a bigger deal than need be under the cut because I simply needed to vent. Move along, nothing to see here. )

Next week should be better, since I’ll be seeing Franz Ferdinand and Flight of the Conchords and getting more tattoo work done with the $225 I got back from my taxes (there was a second check my dad didn't tell me about, so I got more than the expected $168). :D I also applied at the T.J. Maxx in Germantown, which is only ten minutes away from where I live as opposed to the 40 minutes I drove to the one in Brookfield last summer, so I’m crossing my fingers they’ll call me for an interview. If not, there are other retailers that are hiring and I could see if anyone needs a babysitter. I will do anything besides work in the food industry and am determined to find a job this summer.
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Arrrgghhh! I haven’t had as much as a mild cold in over a year, but I somehow contracted strep last weekend. (I suspect it’s from the guy who sneezed on me in the crowd at the Morrissey concert, since I started coming down with it on Sunday night.) At first I figured the sore throat was just from fatigue, since I’d been up 'til 5:00 AM writing that midterm I put off when I had a week to write it. By Tuesday my throat was so swollen I could barely eat and ended up sleeping through two of my classes because I had a high fever, joint and muscle pain, and nausea. After class on Wednesday I went home to go to urgent care, and by then my tonsils, ears, and nose were infected in addition to my throat. I’m not contagious now, but I feel bad about all the people I may have unknowingly infected as I also went to most of my classes on Thursday. Catherine is also home this weekend for Easter, so I’m not sure if I should take a chance and hang out with her when the end of the semester is upon us. I still feel like crap, so I’m thinking not anyway.

But at least I’m getting $168 for my tax return after not get anything last year! The timing couldn’t be better with my next tattoo appointment a few weeks away and will cover most of the cost if not all of it.

Remember my astronomy professor I complained about all of last semester? He was just featured in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel for having a record amount of students drop his class and the lowest GPAs of any subject taught at the university! I guess this justifies all the bitching I did. It’s no less than he deserves, though.

I’ve also been obsessively listening to Eluveitie’s new album, Evocation I: The Arcane Dominion, that leaked. I figured a Celtic folk metal band doing an acoustic album couldn’t go wrong if they tried, and it’s even better than expected. (Then again, I do love straight up Celtic folk music as it is.) It still has lyrics in Gaulish and their signature darker pagan feel to it, but very minimal use of harsh vocals. There are several lively jigs and reels with plenty of flute, tin whistle, and pipes as well as slower, mysterious, ethereal songs. I particularly like "Carnutian Forest", "Momento" (bagpipes!), "The Cauldron of Renascence", "The Arcane Dominion", and of course "Omnos":

Also, No Doubt covered "Stand and Deliver". What? Somehow I can only imagine Adam Ant pulling off campy pirate new wave, so I’m not too keen on the cover, but it certainly is an…er…interesting choice.

Anyway, Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate it and a happy belated Ostara to my fellow pagan friends!



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