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I’m really behind with updates. Yeah, so what else is new? :p I don’t have quite as much homework as I did last week, so hopefully I can do a little bit of catching up this week. I spent over 20 hours outside of class last week in the ceramics studio because my teacher decided not to give us an extension on our first project after he said he would. Anyway…

Elizabeth and I went out for our birthdays with Sam a few weeks ago. This was definitely the best birthday I’ve had in a long time! Sam’s birthday was on Monday, but I probably won’t be seeing him until Dybbuk’s next show on October 8th because their daughter just started kindergarten. He paid for all our dinners at the Stone Sword, coffee and desserts at Alterra, and more coffee and two hookahs with mango and strawberry shisha at Sphinx Coffee. He wouldn’t let me pay for anything because it was for my birthday, so I got him a Banksy print off Ebay as a belated birthday present. Banksy is his favorite artist, and I hope he likes the piece I chose. This is also the first thing I’ve ever bought off Ebay and the first time using my PayPal account, and luckily everything went smoothly. The print was sent from Canada on Wednesday, and hopefully I’ll have it by next weekend so I can frame it and get it wrapped.

For my birthday, Elizabeth got me a really nice card that Sam also signed, three pairs of earrings from World Market, and a beautiful black wrought iron jewelry tree. She also bought me the same bracelet I showed up wearing, and she was wearing one herself! What are the chances of that!? I ended up giving one to my sister, so now we all have matching bracelets. XD I bought her a sterling silver dragon pendant at Irish Fest that was handmade in Ireland. She collects dragon stuff, so I figured she would like it. I would have bought her some more stuff, but I had no idea she was even going to get me anything! At least both of us spent about the same amount of money, since the piece of jewelry I got for her was high quality.

It seems like I posted these photos ages ago on Facebook, but not everyone is on there and I want them to be included in my journal, so here they are!

These definitely aren’t the best photos of me because I was pretty stressed out that weekend, so there’s some major face shine going on and my hair got messed up from the wind and rain. Also, sorry about all the cleavage! I didn’t realize my top was that low-cut and I’ll be wearing a cami underneath it from now on. I know I look more like a saucy renaissance wench here than a medieval lady! XD

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I’ve put off updating this journal for so long I don’t even know where to start.

Now that summer has come to an end, here’s the abridged version of what I was up to this past season:

Besides the festivals, concerts, and mini-vacation, all I did this summer was work. I only saw my best friend once before school started. What was supposed to be a part-time job turned out to be full time, but at least I made well over two thousand dollars and am still working one day on the weekends. Many times I’ve wanted to post a huge rant about all the reverse racism I experience at work, but it won’t change the fact that every issue in Milwaukee is always about social class or race because the city is ridiculously segregated in terms of living space. Although I technically work in Brookfield, which is known for its uppity white residents, the store is on the border of Milwaukee and just down the road from the north side. Until another employee transferred from another store a few weeks ago, I was the only white person there out of all the cashiers and customer service associates. Needless to say, I was not welcome. After a few months, most of them have accepted me, but the customers sure as hell don’t. For some reason, all the blacks living in the ghetto of Milwaukee think all the white people around here are racist. I still have yet to meet one, so I’m not sure where they’re getting this mentality, but I am so sick of it. If I ever get around to typing up the dialogue, I’ve got a top 10 worst customers of the summer list that could be entertaining depending on your sense of humor. And trust me, it was very difficult narrowing it down to just ten. I honestly don’t mind working customer service in retail. It’s just the customers and coworkers that are insufferable.

The good news is I have enough money to continue financing my tattoo and study abroad in Ireland this summer (if I still want to when the time comes). Gaelic isn’t too difficult so far and the grammar has been a lot nicer than German. It’s actually the easiest out of all my classes. I would’ve loved to study abroad in Germany, but all the programs are for business, engineering and mathematics majors.

I’m also back in the dorms again this year, since my sister needs my car for the hour-long commute to community college. The only bus I can take goes through the ghetto. In fact, the very place I’d pick it up is the parking lot outside my work where people get robbed on a daily basis. I’ve ridden it before, and you guessed it, I was the only white person on it. At least my suitemates this year are rather quiet and keep to themselves. The girls next door to me have been dating each other for three years, and there have already been some nasty arguments between the two, but at least they make an effort to be friendly when they see me. We never see the girls in the other room because one is usually off with her douchebag boyfriend and the other is from a very rural area and seems frightened of us. But if that’s the worst of it, I can deal.

This semester I’m going to make an effort to post more of my artwork on here, since I’m taking figure drawing and printmaking. Unfortunately, my professors still have all the work I planned on posting here on display, so that’s going to have to be pushed back a week or so. I’m just relieved I’m still one of the top students in my class after not having had the time to draw anything in over a year. I really don’t feel like I accomplished much at all this summer except catching up on movies I’d been meaning to see and rereading Tolkien’s trilogy. (I actually only got through the first two, but I’m starting RotK tonight as today marks Frodo & Bilbo Baggins’ birthdays and the day they both left the Shire.) Speaking of birthdays, I also turned 21 earlier this month and ended up embarrassingly tipsy at Houlihan's over an orange juice glass-sized amount of Bailey's.
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So, it’s been a week since classes have started. Surprisingly, everything academic-wise is going well. I like my Digital Art instructors much better and their curriculums are not as involved, so I’ll be able to get through this semester without dropping a class. I’ll be glad when I’m finished with the Pre-Art program and get those General Education credit required classes out of the way.

Living in Sandburg is another story. I never thought I’d say this, but I miss my old suitemates from last year. Like I said, it’s only been a week, and here is a taste of what has materialized thus far:

  • Every year, a suitemate has to have a loud, obnoxious, gay friend that stays for hours and hours and won’t shut up. It never fails.
  • If you open the door once, see someone in the bathroom stall and the shower running, why would you open the door again five minutes later to ask if anyone’s in there when you should clearly be able to hear the shower running?
  • The one who’s a total ghetto-ass hood rat talks freely about how she thought my backpiece was a rash. What a dumbass. There are other tattoos out there besides the tacky black and gray airbrushed graffiti-esque memorial script stamped into your skin by some scratcher.
  • Being awakened by a blast of “A Whole New World” half an hour before my alarm is supposed to go off from the next room, and they don’t even have the decency to keep the door closed.
  • The aforementioned classiest one of the bunch leaving the radio blasting the filth that spews forth from Kiss FM when she’s not in her room.
  • Another one who was in the shower for over forty-five minutes when I was supposed to clean it before my tattoo appointment. (I ended up leaving with her still in the shower and was still late.)
  • The two white small-town ones screaming like a bunch of idiots during the Packer game. This is why women still don’t have equal rights in this country. You sound like a bunch of fucking retards screaming shrilly at the television for the players to “go”. I thought we were smarter than this, but then again I tend to overestimate the abilities of my own gender.
  • It's like there's a block party going on below my room for twenty hours out of the day. There are several tables set up where a bunch of drunk, loud idiots like to yell nonsense with their neanderthal-esque friends. They also like to start screaming matches between people of various floors in all four towers, which is actually more entertaining than annoying. However, listening to some guy yell, "Blueberry! Blueberry!! Blueberry!!!" at the top of his lungs at 3:30 AM isn't so much fun.

The one good thing is that the bathroom is still clean, and we have a weekly cleaning schedule, although I have a feeling two of them will refuse to clean up after “white bitches” because they bring up racism everyday. And I’m the one being accused when my ancestors didn’t even immigrate to this country until after slavery was abolished and none of them settled in the South. What a joke. They’re the ones who are being racist, and it’s only fair that if I clean up after you one week, you do the same for one week. It’s only the fucking bathroom. ...Not to mention that the bookshelf is still in the hall, which is a great source of annoyance to me when I'm trying to get through with a messenger bag and a portfolio and is probably a fire hazard. *facepalm*

I think it's a good time to use this comic.

In lighter news, now that I’m over the shock and pain of the large addition to my back, I thought I’d mention that I’m very happy with the progress. It’s kind of hard to judge what the end product will look like, since Lane just finished the drawing before he tattooed the outline on me, but the peacock has a rather cute face. I also took a vote, and decided to name him Fritz. The outline is in gray right now, so before more permanent marks are made, Lane will probably have the drawing more developed so I can get a better idea and work with him on anything I may not like. On Saturday, I had my belated birthday dinner with Catherine at Olive Garden followed by white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake, and she came over to my house afterward to hang out. She got me a photo album disguised as a clutch that was filled with random inside-joke related pictures of us and Joe hanging out, and a shirt and scarf from The Gap. As for Sunday, I was in a mad rush to finish all my homework, and ended up hastily packing and forget to pack underwear! I have one spare pair here and don’t have the time nor energy to take the bus downtown to buy new ones, so I’ve resorted to hand washing them. I can’t use the washing machines here because you have to have money in a special account. Lame.
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Today is my 20th birthday. Only one more year until I can get drunk in public and buy my own booze! Obviously since I’m at school, have class, and my suitemates are all freshman that don’t want to associate with me, I’m not doing anything to celebrate.

But you may feast your eyes on this delicious Mrs. Fields cookie with frosting I had last week:

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I know it's kind of pathetic that I'm mentioning this, but I'm really surprised at how many people I knew in high school commented on my Facebook page. That has never happened before, so it was a happy birthday after all.



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