Apr. 25th, 2010

ferrumaeternum: (uria - audrey kawasaki)
This is the last piece I had to do outside of my series for Advanced Drawing Strategies for the rest of the semester! :D I’m getting really stressed out about finishing the series because I only have three completed drawings, and twelve are due in less than a month. The only other thing I have left to do for this semester (other than the usual weekly reading and writing stuff for my other classes) is a magazine design. I’m hoping things will start to get done more quickly for the series now that I have a little less work to worry about.

Since I was so pressed for time, I spent the two days before this was due working on it between everything else. I used India ink and a watercolor brush, since I knew it would get the job done more quickly on the 22” x 30” piece of paper. This assignment was just to react to the collaborative drawing as an afterthought. I basically just wanted to create a believable scene of all three of our destinations, capturing the looser style the other two in my group used for their parts of the drawing. I tried to make it so that the tropical island scene wasn’t too cheesy, and I hope I accomplished that by using the ink. Someone said during the critique that the Greek buildings looked like a septic tank, and I kind of have to agree, but they all look that way! XD I’m just glad no one brought up the fact that the castle with the Caribbean landscape is reminiscent of Walt Disney World. I’m also definitely done with drawing Neuschwanstein for a while. That had to be one of the most tedious technical challenges I’ve given myself in a long time!



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