Apr. 9th, 2010

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Sorry I haven’t been a very good updater or commenter lately, but this semester is by far the most hectic one I’ve ever experienced. This project for Advanced Drawing Strategies was finished a couple weeks ago, and I’m now just getting around to posting about it while I take a break from working on other projects.

My group decided on doing a piece where we could each work independently over spring break and then bring all our pieces together to form one large collaborative piece. The theme we decided on that related to the chosen topic was to pick anywhere in the world that you wanted to go for spring break. Jigme chose the Caribbean, Leeann chose Greece, and I chose Germany. We all worked in charcoal and pastel, and how much we used each was up to our discretion.

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Honestly, I just really wanted an excuse to draw Schloss Neuschwanstein. ;) That, and the Ragnarök festival is coming up, and would love to be there! I was originally going to draw a scene from one of the German metal festivals on the left, but I was still working on the rest of the piece a few hours before it was due, so I had to leave it out and throw in some quick gray atmospheric shading instead at the last minute. That’s what I get for only devoting three evenings to working on this project. I'm pretty sure the graffiti on the building was by Banksy or someone imitating his style. According to a Google search, the graffiti was done in Germany, but if anyone knows exactly where, please let me know! My part of the piece measures about 2’ x 3’, so you can get an idea of how large the whole thing is. The main design for it was Jigme’s idea, including the 3D topographic map stacked paper mountain formations that connect across all three pieces. Overall, I’m really pleased with how this turned out and enjoyed working in a group for probably the first time in my life. I think everyone’s individual styles meshed really well together for this piece.

Here’s what the other groups did for their collaborative drawings:

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