Feb. 21st, 2010

ferrumaeternum: (stewed screwed and tattooed)
Number of hours for this session: 2.5
Total number of hours tattooed so far: 44

Lane had this new needle that basically was a bunch of small needles aligned in a row that was at least ¾’’ wide. It hardly even fit in the cups of ink! Since the needle was so large, he was able to cover a lot of ground in a short period of time. All that’s really left to do is to continue the shading up through my shoulders and down onto my butt. I’m really digging the gray shading, though, since it makes the color pop and gives a sense of depth to the piece. Even the work I had done three years ago looks vibrant next to the work I had done a few months ago!

+ 1 NSFW photo )

This was done a month ago, and it’s still not fully healed. (Ignore the lines across my back. It's just my sensitive skin reacting to the folds of my shirt as I leaned back against it in a chair.) The area on my left hip still looks a bit funky, and a couple horizontal lines still are a bit raw. Hell, part of that area was still peeling off in the shower a few days ago. I’m usually finished with the healing process after five days, but there was some serious body trauma that occurred this time. The gray should eventually look like the older bit on my right hip. It just needs more time to calm down a bit. You should’ve seen it when it was fresh, though. Even the subtle gray areas were all black and bloody. This was also the first time I’ve ever cried while getting tattooed, but I still feel like a badass for getting some of the most sensitive areas (spine, ribs, hips, pinched nerve in my shoulder) done at the same time. I was definitely past the point where I had any conscious control over my body. During last half hour, I vaguely remember shaking until Lane told me that he thought I was done for the day. It’s also really difficult getting tattooed while straddling a rolling chair and having to keep yourself from moving forward while getting tattooed. I’m pretty stoked about how much progress was made, though. If things continue this way, there should only be a few sessions left before my backpiece is done.

Also, feel free to check out an uncensored version here that Lane took the previous time at the shop. It’s under the In-Progress category.



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