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Number of hours for this session: 2.5
Total number of hours tattooed so far: 51

More gray shading was added and the peacock’s tail was finished! A lot of art nouveau style peacocks’ tails stop a bit short with the eye feathers, so the addition of the t-feathers on the end actually makes it anatomically correct, though I expect a lot of people who see this photo are going to think it looks weird. At least I won’t have to worry about many people seeing it in person other than my tattoo artist and myself. :p I’m really digging the vertical lines he added that contrast with all the horizontal and diagonal ones and help camouflage my buttcrack. It’s hard to see exactly how big the end of the tail is, but it took a good two hours to do and swelled up to the size of an orange for a few days. It was strange that it did that because that area didn’t hurt much at all. I actually ended up spending six hours at the shop that evening because most of the work was drawn on freehand with a watercolor pencil, but I had a great time.

While I was there, Lane got me into the German funeral doom metal band Ahab, which I really liked because when I was in high school I had to play a piece of music that was 10 movements long and also inspired by Moby Dick. I had no idea their guitarists were in Midnattsol, either! After talking about doom metal, I saw that he had Agalloch on his iPod, but he said he never got around to listening to them, so I had him listen to Ashes Against the Grain in its entirety and he loved it! :D He doesn’t have The Mantle, and I’ll try to burn it for him before my next appointment, but my DVD/CD drive on my laptop is starting to go. :/ I also found out he likes Månegarm (or “this band that sounds like they’re playing in a fucking beer hall,” as he put it) but doesn’t have any of their music, so I’ll definitely be bringing that too if I can. We need all the folk metal fans we can get around here ‘cause there are hardly any! Anyway, getting back to the tattoo…

The gray shading on my left hip below the cherry blossom still has to be done, and Lane had also talked about extending the shading around the lantern and brightening up parts of the peacock’s tail feathers. There’s going to be some gray spots in that part of the background to help tie it in with the upper part of the piece.

On Thursday I’ll be going in for possibly my last session on my backpiece, but things usually take longer than Lane anticipates, so we’ll just have to see if he finishes then or not! At any rate, it’s almost finished, and after four years a few months, I’m pretty excited for it to be complete.

The end of the cherry blossom branch and the peacock’s wing caught most of the camera flash, so it looks a bit strange. After it’s done, I’ll try to get some photos of it in natural light.

I’ve probably mentioned it a million times before, but the dark spot to the right is just a big birthmark/mole on the side of my hip.

Date: 2010-08-09 07:21 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] seafoamgreen.livejournal.com
So incredible. I also love that he does it anatomically correct. I can be a stickler for that sometimes.

Absolutely love it! If I can ask, I always wondered why you chose a peacock?

Date: 2010-08-10 10:38 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] ferrumaeternum.livejournal.com
Thanks! :) I don't know why so many artists leave out those feathers on the end of the tail because I think they look really cool! They're obviously part of the animal, as it's easy to see here.

After I got the cherry blossom branch with the lantern, I decided I didn't want the rest of it to be strictly Japanese but still have an Asian feel. Even though the peacock is originally from India, I think it's interesting that it gained different symbolism and roles in different cultures' folklore as it spread throughout the world. Some of it changed to be associated with bad luck instead of good, but I don't necessarily believe in that 'cause I think I've had more good than bad luck since I've got this tattoo. :p The peacock is also used a lot in the art nouveau style, especially in this position, and I wanted something that was also connected to Western art and culture. I plan on getting future work with Western imagery, so I don't want it to clash. I also plan on getting one of Alphonse Mucha's pieces done sometime, which ties in with the art nouveau aspect. I personally don't like the aesthetic of a bunch of random, little unrelated tattoos all over the body, so I think all this advanced planning will help prevent that.
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